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This is a trend that I've been seeing a lot of lately, especially in The Avengers fandom.  Suddenly Tony Stark becomes Toni or Steve Rogers becomes Stevie... it... irritates me.  I don't know if it's people that don't want to read or write slash so they turn someone into a woman and then it's okay because it's het fic now, so that makes it okay to write.

To me this would be like taking "Sex in the City" and turning all the main characters into men.  Because we all know men and women act and react identically.  I just honestly don't get it.  The few I've managed to read the characters act the same, they talk the same, they just have a vagina instead of a penis.  To me it's just plain confusing because in real life I'm sure that if I was given a penis instead of my vagina I'd be much more of an asshole.  Most of my male relatives are unfortunately.

The hardest ones are where Stevie still becomes Captain America in the 40's.  Um no, it would never have happened because all of the MEN in charge would have never subjected a little woman to that type of procedure because back in the 40's we were all little women and very, very few were involved in the military or science.  If they really want the basic character maybe they should just write Carol Danvers because she is in comic books what their Stevie ends up being.

I just don't understand it, but I guess that's okay, nobody forces me to read it.

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I would just like to give Dreamwidth and all the wonderful people that make it so... well wonderful a great big hug!!  Why you ask am I being so affectionate?  I've been over at LiveJournal reading the over 900 comments complaining about the new tumbler style Friends page and knowing that the odds are against the management over there listening.  It makes me remember why I came here to Dreamwidth, true I don't post a lot either place but it's so nice to come here and know that our (the entire Dreamwidth family) concerns are listened to.  The management here tries to do what is best for all involved , unlike the idiots robots at LiveJournal who do whatever they feel like whether it's wanted or needed.

So thanks Denise and all (big hug and offers homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies) for being such great people and making Dreamwidth a wonderful place to come to.

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I was just at Fanfiction dot net (the home of the abandoned fic) where I foolishly had read 6 chapters of a Harry Potter fanfic without checking the update date. It was published in January of 2005 and updated last at the same time. When I checked the authors profile I found a note stating that their fanfic had not been abandoned, they had plans to finish it. When would this be, when the Goddess speaks to you personally. Just be honest and say "No, I have no plans to finish my stories." Honestly I'm not the same person I was when I was writing fanfiction, I have bits and pieces of it living on my computer that will never be finished because I've changed all the way around and know that no matter how hard I try I will never write anymore on it.

I would have much more respect for that author for being honest with the readers and themselves and telling us that things have changed in their life and they've moved on. I'd stop checking the half dozen or so that I have bookmarked if the authors would ever admit as such on the story or site. Usually if it hasn't been updated in about 18 months I delete it from my bookmarks, but there's a few I have eternal hope for an ending. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get it, but I keep hoping.

My other rant from Harry Potter is another story I was reading (hey I checked and it was complete!) that started out as a Harry going to a different school and suddenly became a SUPER Harry and even a PERFECT Harry. The only thing that made it worse was the fact that Harry had fallen in love with Hermione (at age 8) and so it became a (you guessed didn't you) a SUPER PERFECT Hermione so she could join Harry at this wonderful school in America where they learned everything so they could go to Hogwarts.

Why would you go to Hogwarts if you're getting such a wonderful education? Much as I adore Harry Potter you must admit the teaching there was a bit, lax... okay it kinda sucked. They have a ghost who only teaches one aspect of History (the goblin wars), a teacher who likes to predict her students deaths (Divination), a teacher who constantly insults and hinders his students from learning (Potions) and we won't even go into Defense Against the Dark Arts. There's a Headmaster who at best is a poor administrator due to his teacher choices and at worst is a manipulative person who does not seem to be concerned about the welfare of this students.

So why would you leave a good school with a good education for one with a bad track record? In this particular story it was because Harry knew his parents wanted him to go to Hogwarts just like they had. My mom never graduated from High School but I never thought that meant I should drop out and have babies. My mom wanted me to get a good education which is what Harry's parents probably wanted for him.

Oh well, I just needed to get it off my chest because like I always say... If you don't like the story, don't read it, nobody is forcing you!


Sep. 7th, 2010 05:18 pm
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I've joined the great migration from Livejournal (not that I ever did a lot there) but I agreed with the reasons most people were switching. I had been debating about putting up what little fan-fiction I had written over the years but with the new facebook crap I'm glad I didn't. I might put it up here, still thinking about it. It seems to be very easy to use and it pulled over my stuff very easily so that's a good start.

Now I just need a few more icons. I'm allowed 15 and I have a grand total of 2. I really need a few new ones but I have no idea of where to look. I'll try poking around here on dreamwidth and see what I can find for now.
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I recently read a story on one of the gazillion mailing lists I belong to, a slash story to be exact. In it (no names will be used to protect the guilty) there was a sex scene where one male took his "manly rod" and eased it into his partners "love hole". This author stated that they were a little embarrassed to use slang.

1) If you're too embarrassed to call it a cock, what are you doing writing slash?!

2) If you don't want to use slang, use the normal terms. It reads much better to say one man eased his penis into his partners anus, than to use some florid Victorian era slang.

Who comes up with some of these things anyhow? It's like womens breasts. I've seen them called everything under the sun, from the obvious boobs and breasts to love melons, kowabongas, and a lot worse than that. We won't even mention the things they come up with for the male penis, I'm sure any men that read them are rolling on the floor laughing at all the euphemisms we writers come up with just to avoid using the word penis. It just amazes me that someone will write a sex scene and yet be too embarrassed to use something a bit more down to earth. Sure I know the technical terms sound a little stilted but surely penis, anus, vagina and breasts are much better to use than... well than some of the things I've read.

Then the other thing making me crazy is they are ripping up my roads in my much beloved court (anyone who's read the previous entry will get the sarcasm). They starting digging and ripping at 7 AM and are still clanging and banging away. I am a migraine sufferer and if anyone who reads this is also one they can understand what the noise does. I called the doctor who basically told me to dose myself up with one medication and if I need to, put in ear plugs and crawl into bed. Needless to say I'm wearing headphones and listening to music. My only problem here is I tend to listen to a lot of rock music, Queensryche, Alchemy VII and that sort of thing, I had to dig around to find something a little more soothing. Somewhere in this house I have the complete set of Andres Segovia's best CD's, a little acoustical classical guitar sounds really good right about now.
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I'm mad at the trailer court that I live in... wait, we're not a trailer court anymore, we're a manufactured home community. Whatever it is, it's run by a corporation in someplace else and managed by various idiots locally. I say various because in the seven years I've lived here I think we've had over a dozen managers.

So what in particular other than their general incompetence has me mad? When we moved in the court paid all water and sewage, the beginning of this year they decided that we would need to pay for our own water and sewage. A little bit aggravating, but nothing major. So our water bill starts out about $20.00 a month, but it slowly starts creeping up until it was about $35.00 a month, it's starting to aggravate. Then we get the bill in August (for June, see how slow they are) and it says we owe $70.00 for water and another $40.00 for sewer. Excuse me!? So I sent off a very nice letter basically asking what was going on, why did our water bill double. No reply, although I know they received the letter, they cashed the rent check it was wrapped around. So in September we get our water bill and it's now up to $125.00, $70.00 for sewer. I called my dad and asked him if we should call a plumber, he said he'd come and take a look at it. When he got the panel off the siding he received a shower. We had a veritable fountain underneath our trailer.

It seems that when they decided to start charging us for water they come onto my property (anything behind the siding was our problem, they informed us of that) and hooked up the water meter. They did such a lousy job that the thing had apparently started leaking almost from the start, that's why my water bill was creeping up. They've been trying to jury-rig the whole water system in the court for years and my dad says that's probably what made the water meter blow.

So we call the office and tell them what's happening and the maintenance man comes down and takes a look at it and tells us that it's on the inside of the siding so it's our problem. So they in essence entered my property without permission, disconnected my pipes, and attached their water meter incompetently, and it's my problem! Needless to say my dad blew his fuse and proceeded to tell them his opinion. They eventually fixed it to dad's satisfaction.

So once it was fixed I sent them a nice letter saying basically since my water bill was your fault I didn't think I should have to pay it all. I offered to pay $50.00 for each month that our bill was so high (June through September) which was actually more than I should have had to, but hey I was trying to be fair about it. I never received any reply. Now I get a note, stuck on my porch this morning says I must pay $453.00 in seven days or be evicted. Needless to say I'm a bit hot under the collar. They expect me to pay for their incompetence, well it ain't gonna happen. I'm writing another letter, this time I'm sending it return receipt required, enclosing copies of the first two letters and telling them if they can't get their crap together that I'm more than willing to take them to small-claims court. Of course if I do that then I will ask the judge to consider the first two water bills of $20.00 and I'm willing to pay according to that. That of course would be $120.00 for 6 months of water that I was billed in excess of $500.00 for. Guess we'll see what happens then. Either way I need to see about moving the trailer to a different court. Sorry, manufactured home court, hey does that mean I'm not white-trailer trash, I'm white-manufactured home trash?
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On one of the gazillion lists I belong to this recently became a really HOT issue. Everyone claiming that their favorite pairing is of course the only true pairing. Excuse me? The only way that I could see there being OTP is if there were exactly two men, count them, one, two, on any particular show. I just don't see any other way that anybody can claim one TRUE pairing. The only thing that makes me crazier is when they claim that nobody should write or post any story that isn't their OTP. There's the delete button, feel free to use it. Just because you don't care for it doesn't mean everyone feels the same way.

I just think they are limiting themselves when they insist they only read one pairing, sure we all have our favorites, but to limit yourself that way... I'm just a fic slut, I'll read almost anything I can get my hands on. There are a few pairings I won't read, but that's mostly because there are a few characters that I really don't care for. We all have them, the ones who, when they come on screen make you grit your teeth and hope they hurry away and leave your sight. But I know that these are others favorite characters and like I said, I know how to use the delete button.

My other touchy subject lately is feedback. I will honestly admit that I suck at this, I need to get better and send honest feedback. I know part of the reason I don't is from being burned several times. I sent some positive feedback (or at least I thought it was positive) to several different authors in several different fandoms only to get scathing messages back saying how I didn't understand their story at all if I liked the portions that I had said I liked. One even likened me to a moron because I didn't understand the complex moral issues at play in her story. So, once bitten, twice shy thing going on regarding feedback. The kind of feedback that makes me crazy, especially on a list is when someone just hits reply and sends the entire message back (not bothering to snip it at all) and adds feedback that goes something like this... OOH. Nice!

Really, it amazes me how many people do this. If you need to send less than a sentence back in feedback at least have the decency to snip it. Better yet, send them a few sentences and tell them what in particular was so nice. Is that too hard to do?
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I've been awful bad, I didn't realize how long it had been since I wrote anything here. Well I'm trying to turn over a new leaf so this is as good a place to start as any. What have I done lately? Good question, went to see Van Helsing, against my wishes, I'm so glad that my roommate insisted. I really liked that movie! I have a feeling that it will end up being one of those guilty pleasures that you don't like to admit to. I absolutely loved Carl, of course to be honest I think that Dave Wenham is a very good actor. He managed to make Faramir look like a decent person despite Peter Jackson's best efforts. I know that I have to be a slasher after seeing that movie because I could so see Carl and Gabriel together, haven't managed to write anything yet but I'm sure it will only take watching the movie again to really get the muses going.

Unfortunately that will have to wait because the next movie I've promised Kelly (my roommate) that we'd see is Troy. I'm feeling very leery about this, even despite the hunk factor. I think I might be one of the handful of people in the world who've actually read the Iliad (not in the original Greek, of course) and from what I've heard so far about the movie I get the feeling that they've completely rewritten the story. I'll end up going if for no other reason than to lust after Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom. Yes, I do know that Brad Pitt is in it too, but I've never been a big fan of his.

After that of course is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The problem with this is that both of the people they've picked to play Sirius and Remus are not at all what I had pictured in my head. I'm not sure if they'll convince me that I was wrong and the casting was right, or more likely that they didn't have a clue when they cast the movie. My niece has seen it and she said they didn't do anything for her, besides she wasn't too thrilled about the new Dumbledore. She said he wasn't bad, but he just didn't twinkle and we all know Dumbledore twinkles. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see for myself.
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Yes!!! I went to see this Thursday evening (10:30 PM) hoping that all the bratty kids wouldn't be there, they weren't. Instead it was a full house of adult Lord Of The Rings fanatics. It was awesome. The special effects were great, they blended in seamlessly and didn't stop the flow of the movie.

The new characters were all in all pretty good. I can't say I was crazy over Faramir, he just seemed kind of wishy-washy to me but that could be because I absolutely adored Boromir. Faramir just isn't the kind of character that can hold your attention like his brother could. I'm not sure if that's due to the actors who portrayed them or if it was due to the writing, but I really, really miss Boromir. Eowyn, that chick has a huge crush on Aragorn but she still seems like a much stronger and more likeable character than Arwen. I really dislike Arwen so anything would be better than her. Eomer is a really great character, strong and believable and the fact that he's really good looking doesn't hurt matters any. I even rather liked WormTongue, well I didn't actually like him but I liked the way the character was portrayed. I loved the Ents and I think using John Rhys-Davies for the voice of Treebeard was a really smart move, he has a strong vibrant voice that just makes the character feel like he was real.

The returning cast... well first I have to voice my extreme dismay about something (even though I knew it was going to happen). They killed off Haldir!! The scum!! Why is it that I seem to fall for these tragic, doomed characters? It must be a personal character flaw of my own, I just always fall for the ones they're going to kill off. Anyhow at least he got a chance to go out bravely and heroically, but I'da rather he didn't die at all. I liked the way that they've shown how Legolas and Gimli's friendship is growing stronger during the quest. I also liked the way that Merry and Pippin are showing more maturity and becoming a little more adult like. Sam is busy protecting Frodo and all the while Frodo is showing the signs of damage that the ring is inflicting. Aragorn is finally showing a little of this kingly blood everyone says he has and proving that maybe, just maybe he was meant to be a ruler.

I saw The Fellowship Of The Rings 9 times (in honor of the 9 members of the fellowship) and I have no doubt that I'll see this one just as many times. The only problem with the movie was the same problem with the last one; after it was over I turned to my friend and said "I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the next one?" So is it December of 2003 yet?
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So the extended version comes out and we finally get it and FINALLY get to watch it. Look Legolas has more lines, Gandalf is rather snarky, Boromir doesn't talk to himself! In short, I loved it.

Legolas isn't this perfect little elf, he actually can make snide remarks about dwarves, he HAS a real personality so this is good.

Boromir isn't talking to himself in the library, the man is not crazy! He also isn't this evil person, he tries to comfort Frodo, he looks after Merry and Pippin (who by the way prove that they don't stand around and watch Boromir get killed, they kicked some Uruk-hai butt) even giving up his life for them. I still cry at his death scene - every time I watch it I cry and we won't discuss how many times I've seen it. My roomie laughs at me for doing that, there's a evil person for you.

Did anybody else notice that Gandalf is very snarky? He's always giving poor Pippin grief and yelling at him for no reason. The man definitely has an attitude problem, but then I suppose if I were a wizard and everyone expected me to save the world I might be a bit crabby too.

Arwen! Like we needed any more of her? Come on, in the book she just stood around, looked pretty and was basically brainless. But no we had to have the love interest, I'd rather had Glorfindel back and let's get rid of the chick. I suppose though they had to try to beef up her role so they could get anyone with a name of any sort to play her. But still....

All in all I loved this, I could see where a lot of what they took out wouldn't have changed the feel of the movie, but it was nice to see it, it gave a little more character development and made it better!
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My roommate had a payday and we went off to buy the extended version of Lord Of The Rings. Get it home, rip it open, put it in to play. The movie's getting good, scene 12 and nothing! It won't play. No scene 12 all the way through 21, scene 22 plays but in the meantime I've missed everything in between. It's late the store is closed, I'm pissed. The next day we take the movie back and tell the gal we want to exchange it because it doesn't work. "That's impossible, DVD's can never be defective!" HELLO! Excuse me?! I tell them to try it if they don't believe me, heck just go right to scene 12. They do, it doesn't work. Can I exchange this? They feed me the same crap about DVD's can't be defective. They finally get the manager up there, a kid of all of 11 (at least that's how old he looked to me, bad complexion and all) and he feeds me the same line. I make him play it, it doesn't work. I tell him that either my player and the two they've tried here are all broken or the DVD is defective. You must have a receipt -- I have the receipt. Then he gives me this spiel about they aren't supposed to take them back once they've been opened and played. Um, maybe it's just me but how do you know it doesn't work until you've opened it and played it. It wasn't like I wanted my money back I just wanted a copy of the movie. So finally after all of this discussing (me quietly fuming and my roommate standing back and letting me do my ranting and raving) we finally got the movie and managed to watch it! Where do they hire these people, Idiots R Us?


Nov. 9th, 2002 10:59 pm
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Part of the reason that I wanted to try this LiveJournal thing was because I seen some that did this quirky stream-of-consciousness entrys. By gosh I was gonna do that. But I've decided before one can do that, you must actually have a stream-of-consciousness. I don't think my brain actually works that way. In school (a million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the Earth) a teacher talked about linear thinking, I don't think my brain does that, it's not very logical. If normal people think a to b to c etc. Then I think a to q to e to z to b to who knows what. I just don't think like normal people, of course that just got me kicked off to a different tangent.

The whole idea of being normal. If you think about it, what is labeled as 'normal' is just this thin band in the middle of everything else. If you survey a hundred people the ones that are consider the norm are the twenty that fall in the middle. So eighty fall out side of the norm. To me that says that the ones in the middle are abnormal, and the rest of us that fall on either side are actually the 'normal' ones. So I've decided that being normal really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Us 'abnormal' people have a lot more fun.
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My first rant, the medical profession. Could someone explain to me just why two doctors can't agree on one single thing?! You go to the doctor and he runs tests, more tests and yet more tests. They suck out all your blood, make you do icky things in little tiny cups and then like some kind of all knowing wise man they make their decision and "bless" you with their knowledge. So you decide that maybe this particular doctor is full of shit so you go to another one who has to run his own tests (like they couldn't share?) and then makes his proclamation and he has a totally different idea of what is wrong with you. So like a good little girl you go to a third doctor who according to common misconceptions is supposed to agree with either doctor #1 or doctor #2. WRONG!! He thinks something totally different is wrong with you.

So I've spent a fortune on quacks and all they can agree upon is something is wrong. Well duh! I could have told them that. They did all agree that there is definitely a spot in my brain that needs to be watched and they all agree that even if it is something bad they can't do anything about it anyhow because of the location. So the migraines continue - some days are good, some bad, others very bad. We (doctor speak for ME) are changing the medication yet again, I haven't had any very good days in a long time but I still manage to be optimistic.

Well that's my current rant, stay tuned for what ever pushes my buttons tomorrow.


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